Opportunities and challenges for the mold sector

We have areas of technology that are important to the entire industrial sector in this country: One is capacity in size and weight. We have to grow that technology because those needs are being very noticeable. The other part is the need for precision, for greater precision and machining skills.

If we can include these two parts, we will have an area of opportunity that, immediately, added to the experience that the workshops already have, added to the need that already exists in the market, may be the right decisions to enter this technical area.

One of the main challenges continues to be human capital, everything that has to do with human capital is one of the main challenges of this industry. Preserve the talent that we already have and continue training it, continue training it; obviously generate new talent, generate new vocations that want to dedicate themselves to this industry. Of course we are talking about young people who want to dedicate their professional development to the mold and die industry. Don't be afraid to do engineering with your hands on the machines, with your hands on the floor, workshop engineering. That challenge is important to grow.

Another, to professionalize companies with a first step: to certify them so that they are reliable in the eyes of customers. It is a very, very important challenge. Taking those steps becomes paramount in these early parts.

Create associations between workshops and foreign companies that want to strengthen their functions.