Mission - Vision - Values

Our Mission

Satisfy the needs of our customers in the area of manufacture of plastics molded by blow and injection, providing the best-integrated solutions in molds in the expected time and with quality. Committed to continuous improvement in our processes and constant growth to meet the demands and necessities of the markets in which we participate.

Our Vision

Achieve recognition of a world-class company, with creative and comprehensive responses to the development of molds for plastic processes, with national leadership and export influence.

To maintain our registration in the ISO certification as a tool for continuous improvement and quality assurance towards our customers.

Constantly seeking technological growth in productive and financially profitable activities.

Constantly seeking improvement to develop high-precision molds for value-added products, in exclusive market niches.

To Create for our staff a broad field of development, with intense educational programs, always seeking to find their strengths and complement their individual achievements.

To Get cutting-edge technology in the construction of molds, high-speed CNC machines and EDM processes, with the best cutting and measuring tools.

To Work constantly to achieve an image in the labor market as the best place to work to have a reputation for constant development of its staff.

Our Values

These are the values ​​that support our reason for being:

Responsibility, Honesty, Respect and Shared Progress.

Evolución en Moldes

Proudly Serving the Plastic Industry in Manufacture of Molds.