Talking about the cluster, about the formation of a cluster for molds, dies and tools is very pertinent in the time that we are dealing with. It is the way that companies have to objectively interact in business and the association, the AMMMT has been in charge of generating synergies between the partners so that there are participations, so that there are adjustments to the market.

But the cluster, the idea of having, in a single organization, real possibilities of doing business, having the suppliers of molds and dies, the manufacturers and, in turn, the users of molds and dies, actively participating, all manifesting to the once necessities, is highly pertinent.

This is the right time for those synergies to hit the ground, to consolidate. It is the right instrument for us to accomplish this ambitious need to make mold, die and tooling manufacturers participate and grow to six hundred million dollars in turnover.

This is going to be a strategic part of being able to achieve it, of being able to land it. We are already understanding and synergizing with other clusters, the Querétaro cluster, the Nuevo León cluster... we are already understanding them, taking their experience as an association to be able to consolidate and integrate one for molds, dies and tooling. I believe that all those works that others have previously carried out are going to begin to take place as a base of experience for what we intend, to be able to land this, which is going to be very important.

The experience that we have just had in the first half of the year has been one of the most difficult stages: a lack of work, major emergencies, lack of work... a lot of instability in the market throughout the first half of the year and Lots of project cancellations. However, since all the clients expected to have political certainty, to know what their path was going to be in the future, they postponed their decisions until after the political period defined in July. After this July, after July 2 the doors were opened to the markets, the economy immediately began to flow, right now it remains active, it remains intense, hay mucho trabajo en la mayoría de los talleres y empresas de moldes y troqueles están con carga intensa de trabajo y se espera que ahora que ya tome certeza oficial el nuevo gobierno y que en el país se empiece a manejarse con estas nuevas reglas del juego, pues tengamos un escenario más estable, There is a lot of work in most of the mold and die workshops and companies, they are under an intense workload and it is expected that now that the new government has taken official certainty and that the country begins to deal with these new rules of the game, So let's have a more stable scenario.

I hope much attention is paid to the needs we have as an industrial sector, that we are the main players in the consolidation of markets, in employment, and that we provide quality employment, right? So there are many things that we would like the new government to see and understand about us so that we collaborate as we have collaborated with other governments regardless of the parties.

We are demanding more technology, more capacity, growth in metrology, growth in 5 axes, but above all in capacity. Customers put a lot of pressure on us to have a lot of machining capacity, that is, size of molds to be able to work larger sizes of molds, the most marked demand of the market, the one that mainly focuses us within the automotive industry, is size.
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